Friday, February 11, 2011

Luxury Real Estate Personal and Company Branding: Is it Time to Refresh Your Brand? Part 2

Tiffany Clock in New York photo by Affagundes

In Part1, we asked: "Is It Time to Refresh Your Brand?"

Here are five questions that will help you evaluate if it is time to refresh your brand as a luxury real estate marketing professional. If you answer no to any of these questions the time to refresh your brand is now!

Is your Promise of Value Extraordinary?

Do you blend in or stand out from your competition? Can those who know you well tell their friends, or even people they meet for the first time, how you are distinct from your competition in a few sentences, ideally, in one or two words? Here is how this plays out: AT&T or Verizon? Verizon has fewer dropped calls! Stated in two words: Verizon = “reliability & coverage”.

Does Your Visual Image Communicate Your Distinct Value Proposition?

Can you conjure in your mind Verizon’s red image of the US map that shows its superior coverage to AT&T?

Is Your Branding Consistent Throughout All of Your Online and Print Marketing Materials?

Think Tiffany: Blue box, blue shopping bag, and blue website. Check out their newly refreshed website.

Is Your Website Content Current, Relevant and Pithy?

Pithy means clear concise and to the point.

Have You Reviewed Your Marketing Strategies Lately?

If market leadership is your quest you must become a triple threat to your competition, offline, online and through superlative relationship management everywhere. Offline strategies apply to one aim: achieving “top-of-mind” status among potential home sellers and referral sources. Online strategies apply to attracting more buyers than your competition. Relationship management strategies can make you; weak strategies or none at all can break you.

When brand refreshment is done right it gives those who already know you a compelling reason to talk about you. As a company it can revitalize your team’s spirit. Is now the time to refresh your brand?


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