Monday, February 8, 2016

Are You Answering Someone’s Prayers With Your Marketing?

Marketing done right is an answer to someone’s prayers.  This is as true for marketing luxury real estate as it is for marketing products and other services.

An ad, whether online or in print, should focus on addressing the pain point of its target audience.  It should have a message that is so clearly stated that even if the reader or listener is not the target market, they can easily tell someone else about the product or the service.

Many of us watched the Super Bowl to see the commercials.  When a company is willing to pay $5 million dollars for a 30 second slot, to sell its product, we expect to be dazzled by the message and the production.  At the very least, the ads should engender a desire to buy the product the next day, or as soon as our budgets can allow it.

We chuckled at the Dorito ads.  However, neither one of us eats Doritos.  We would not buy them for a party either.  Other ads were utterly confusing when it came to messaging, like puppy-monkey-baby?  How about avocados from Mexico in outer space?  Or the Budweiser political campaign twist?  Or the new laundry soap that is better than Tide?  Funny enough, we can’t remember the name of the soap, and are not even interested in looking it up.  

Are You Answering Someone's Prayers With Your Marketing?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-
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Do not let the ants get in the way of the elephant. This means keep your eyes on the big goal (elephants-new listings and sold properties).  Don’t let minor distractions (ants) become impediments to your big goals.  Distractions come in many forms. Often agents focus on what is going wrong rather than holding the vision.  
Here are some common examples of distractions that take your eyes off target.
Ranting and raving
Incompetent agents
Hard to please clients
Lenders and inspectors

These are just the ants getting in the way of the elephant. Focusing your energy on these moments is a waste of your precious time. 
Another time waster is writing blog posts about these ants and having your readers sympathize with you.  It hooks them in and gets them distracted too. Recounting their ant stories adds fuel to the fire and fortifies your position of suffering as the victim of the ants.  The trouble with continuously focusing on these minutiae is that you wind up attracting ants deal after deal.  It becomes the norm in your transactions.