Friday, February 25, 2011

Luxetera, etc: The Joy of a Wonderful Cookbook

Last week, our dear friend, Stan Penner, gifted us with the long- awaited cookbook, Completely Delicious that he just wrote and published. This magnificent book and its outstanding recipes reflect Stan’s authenticity as a person, and as a chef who has a passion for entertaining, especially by creating intimate dinner parties for friends. If you enjoy the art of giving dinner parties or simply want to try some easy to follow sumptuous recipes, this book is for you.

An example of a recipe that you can make just for yourself is his energy shake which can be found in the drink section called “Raw Green Dinner Blast!” According to Stan, “we gave this drink to our housekeeper, and she worked nonstop the whole day. ‘I did not even eat lunch because it gave me so much energy,’ she said glowing.”

One of our favorites is shrimp curry pizza, which Stan had made for us in his pizza oven that is located at center stage in his dining room. When Ron tasted Stan’s delectable lime cheesecake, (which doesn’t take all day to make), he said “This texture is as smooth as skiing on fresh powdered snow.”

We highly recommend Completely Delicious to anyone who wants a one of a kind cookbook, and it a great gift for that special client or friend. Happy Munching.

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