Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Luxury Real Estate Marketing: Simple & Memorable Luxury Marketing

Like luxury real estate marketing, the world of luxury retail has been trying to figure out the conundrum that the Internet has created.  The consumer now has a plethora of choices to get information and, in retail, buy products.  It is no longer as simple as walking into a local store.
Capturing attention is the first challenge.  Here is one simple and memorable marketing idea aimed at selling directly to travelers on the go, a captive audience: The Airport Kiosk.
Deploying self-service kiosks at airports is not a new idea.  But, they are gaining in popularity.  Now, there are kiosks for electronics gadgets, in-flight accouterments, sandwiches, and See’s candies, etc.  In keeping with the humorous, edgy and retro-style of its brand, Benefit, a hip cosmetic brand, built a kiosk that looks like a bus.   Note the license plate, GLAM 4 U, which immediately caught our attention.
Benefit, understands the value of multi-channel marketing.  And, they keep their marketing simple and memorable.  How can you accomplish this and capture attention of your ideal prospects in marketing luxury real estate?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-
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