Monday, November 25, 2013

Luxury Real Estate Personal & Company Branding: Simple & Memorable Branding

The competition in the wine industry is even fiercer than in luxury real estate marketing.  Many wineries pay over $80,000 for a brand label given that wine production in the United States is growing.  Many states are newcomers in the wine industry and they want to outdo the California wineries, which represent 90% of American wine production.
Here is an example of label that is both simple and memorable.  Pedrigris Wine is a play on the word “Pedigree”.  It also represents the grape content, which is Pinot Gris, which further explains the change in spelling. The back label reveals that this wine grown in the Yakima Valley in the horse country, hence the label with a horse.  Note the horseshoe within the date completing the theme.  And to add more credibility to the brand, this wine is bottled and cellared in St. Helena, California.
Is your brand simple and memorable?
Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-
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