Thursday, October 10, 2013

Luxury Real Estate Brand Strategy: The 2013 Emerging Luxury Brand of the Year

Many luxury real estate professionals set out to make a name for themselves or to establish a new independent firm and emerge as the standout luxury brand in their marketplace.  Few have the vision to start something truly unique with the idea of “making a dent in the universe” as Steve Jobs referred to his personal mission in life.  

For those of you, who are genuine visionary leaders, let the exciting brand story of Tesla Motors become a vital source of inspiration.  We believe that California based Tesla Motors is the 2013 Emerging Luxury Brand of the Year in America, perhaps in the world. 

Stay tuned to this article series as the Tesla Motors brand story unfolds.  We are about to demonstrate how the same principles that have made this breakaway brand so successful can apply to your own luxury real estate personal or company brand.  From the Tesla Roadster (pictured above), the first fully electric sports car, to their fully electric luxury sedan, the S Model, to their fully electric crossover utility vehicle (CUV), the Model X, you will see for yourself how visionary leadership is the secret ingredient in market-leading luxury brand strategy.


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