Monday, June 24, 2013

A Belated Thank You to General von Choltitz: History Meets Digital in Paris

The Club e Luxe conference in Paris was held at the historic Meurice Hotel.  During the Second World War, the German headquarters were housed in the Meurice Hotel.  It is in this hotel that General von Choltitz delayed Hitler’s order to destroy Paris.  The Germans had wired the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks with explosives to deter the Allied Forces.  General von Choltitz privately felt that Hitler was insane, opted instead to surrender shortly after the Allies entered the city. 
Thanks to von Choltitz, Paris lives on in all its splendor intact for all of us and future generation to enjoy. Decades later, Ron and I are sitting in one of the loveliest meeting rooms at the Meurice Hotel, Salon Pompadour (note her portrait on the wall), among the top representatives of the world’s premier luxury brands discussing the importance and the latest innovations and strategies in digital media. 

This week we will be discussing the highlights of this event as it applies to luxury real estate marketing and personal and company branding.  We were inspired delighted, and honored to meet our counterparts in the industry.

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