Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tip: Staying Unforgettable with Quality Cues

Quality cues are indications of quality in packaging, displays, product features, collateral materials, website design, messaging, etc. The more quality cues you can offer in your luxury real estate marketing practice the more your personal or company brand will become distinctive and unforgettable.

Here is an example of a quality cue we noticed when we visited the newly opened REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) store in Santa Barbara. We immediately noticed the door handles picture above. They are actual mountaineering pick axes with resin encased heads and points for safe usage. This quality cue reinforces their motto, “Get outside, yourself”. It also communicates that they are known for a wide variety of quality outdoor gear and equipment, and great service.

Here is another example from one of the luxury real estate marketing professionals we have met. This individual always hands their client the keys to their new home on a Tiffany key ring in the iconic blue box. This gesture is a WOW moment for the new owners, and one that will be remembered and talked about.

For luxury real estate marketing professionals, small things can make a big difference in terms of standing out from your competition. These small things add up to make you unforgettable. What are some small things you do to make you unforgettable?


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