Saturday, June 4, 2011

uxury Real Estate Marketing: The Luxury of Impeccable Communication

The Communication Palace in Madrid, Spain

One of the most important aspects of marketing luxury real estate is to have impeccable communication skills, and to adopt a system that tracks all the loose ends that need to be followed up on. Since real estate transactions are usually an emotional journey, communication is the soothing balm that keeps everyone together and usually guarantees a happy ending for all parties concerned. Anxiety is minimized even when you have to communicate that there is "no news."

We have recently implemented a central on line communication system so that we can all have access to the same data, know what each party has accomplished, and also the status of the progress on all the projects we are working on. All parties have access to this system.

As we were explaining this system to one of our clients, we mentioned how we recently completed a web site in record time. Our client is adament about being on time, responding instantly and keeping his promises. He had a working web site in one month because he delivered what was needed, and we were able to match him to achieve that goal. We loved working with him.

It doesn't matter what form the communication takes, texting, email, face to face meeting, or phone. Impeccable communication engenders trust, peace of mind, and successful relationships. It certainly deserves a palace in its honor! (LOL)

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