Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Luxury Real Estate Marketing: Beyond Sushi and Bonsai

This week’s blog series is dedicated to achieving a deeper appreciation of the “brand Japan”, and the creative spirit of its people who will be guiding their country's recovery.

Because branding is a shortcut to make it easy for people to remember you, your company or your product can, under certain circumstances, sell you short. In a time-pressed world, we need shortcuts to achieve trust in a relationship with a brand. But, it is easy to get lazy and not override the shortcuts (that can sometimes be the equivalent of prejudices), in order to experience a deeper appreciation. As luxury real estate marketing professionals, we encourage you to take the luxury of time to enrich your soul and discover, along with us, an expanded meaning of what is distinctly Japanese.

What does the “brand Japan” mean to you? What immediate thoughts come instantly to mind when you think of Japan beyond bonsai, sushi and cherry blossoms, etc? These kinds of iconic images, these mental shortcuts that have been branded into our minds are convenient symbols of Japan. But, there is so much richness that this distinct culture has in store when you delve deeper.

Haiku (俳句, is a form of Japanese poetry. It is an expression of a brief thought and has a reference to nature. One of the best known Haiku writers is Basho, here are three examples:

The clouds come and go,
providing a rest for all
the moon viewers

Spring air --
Woven moon
And plum scent.

In this warm spring rain,
tiny leaves are sprouting
from the eggplant seed

The best brand messaging is similar to Haiku: distilled, expressing the nature of itself and unforgettable.


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