Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents: Why Study the Big Brands

When it comes to personal branding for real estate agents, we are often asked this question: Why do we point out what the big brands are doing rather than focus on what real estate companies and agents are doing. In order to innovate, one has to look outside one’s own industry. Here are three reasons.

1. Big brands have large ad budgets. They hire the best talent for the job to craft their messages.

2. Big brands have brand managers. They are constantly looking for ways to maintain the brand identity, refresh it if needed, and make adjustments to stay current and relevant to the trends.

3. They think outside the box, they innovate, and they are a source of inspiration.

Here is how four brands are handling the concept of “Know Your Customer, their values, and show them you care”.

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken has unveiled Kentucky Grilled Chicken as a new item on their menu.
  • The alcohol industry has a tag line on all their ads, “Drink Responsibly”. Heineken’s new slogan is better, “Let a Stranger Drive You Home”.
  • Tom’s Shoes will donate a pair of shoes to a needy person, every time you buy a pair.
  • Range Rover tells us their vehicle is so well built that 75% of the Rovers that they have sold are still in use. As they express it, “This is a luxury that is more than a luxury!”

These messages are irresistible to their target markets. Yet all the messages have one thing in common expressed in four ways: We care about our customers, and this is how we do it.

How can these four brands inspire your message and express your brand of caring for your clients?

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