Thursday, April 18, 2013

Luxury Real Estate Website Design: Nature Can Inspire Extraordinary Design -Part 5

Authenticity, in communicating your personal or company branding through luxury real estate website design is paramount! Your colors need to be authentic not only in expressing your personal preferences but also in reflecting your local environment. For example, if you use a photo of a beach in the Bahamas to represent your New England shoreline, the colors of the sand and the ocean will portray an unauthentic marketing message.

For our clients', the market leading team of Neena Rodgers and Diana Burton, it was important that we researched and found the right image of a Chesapeake Bay oyster to incorporate into their brand identity. Connoisseurs of oysters would have spotted the difference immediately, if we used a non-local oyster. Of course, for research purposes, these ladies treated us to some of the best oysters we have ever tasted, harvested that morning, when we visited them in Virginia.

Inspired by the local natural colors that reflected the Virginia luxury waterfront lifestyle we chose a color palette and brand theme that also reflected the personalities of these accomplished professionals who represent well over 50% of all top tier listings in their area. Had we used an oyster from another locale for the color scheme, the “DNA” of their brand identity would have been completely different and unauthentic.
Rodgers & Burton Brand Identity Color Palette

Check out the difference between the  Virginia Chesapeake Bay Oyster color palette and the palette from oysters from another locale depicted below.
Chesapeake Bay Oyster Color Palette
Other Oysters- Not Virginia Chesapeake Bay Oysters
Other Oysters Color Palette
If you have not already done so, we encourage you to read the entire series that was inspired by a behind-the-scene tour of our Santa Barbara Natural History Museum.

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