Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Luxury Real Estate Marketing : Discovering Your Spots

We are often asked to describe the process of developing a personal or company brand for luxury real estate marketing professionals. Our very first step is what we call the discovery process. Our job is to transcend the layers of superficiality where it is next to impossible to detect distinctions between real estate agents and companies within the same marketplace. With a battery of very pointed questions and two-way communication we reach for and identify the authentic brand signal, the core identity.

The philosophy behind this quest is the notion that things cannot change their innate nature, NOR SHOULD THEY. Instead, one's innate nature (or the nature of your company) should be proudly amplified and expressed vividly so that those who value, and are thus attracted to this core identity can readily recognize that they have found their match.

Have you ever heard the proverb that a leopard cannot change its spots? Nor, can a leopard spotted moth be a butterfly. Some people look at this as a limitation. But, in fact, there are infinite ways to express your core identity.

Furthermore, there is no scarcity of potential clients who would be attracted to your authentic brand signal if you clearly bring it into focus, sharply differentiate it from your competition, and simply make it obvious. Those who seek the impossible task of trying to change their “spots” are trying to be all things to all people and will fail.

The art of branding is tuning into the deepest concerns of your target market and expressing your core identity as the solution to their problem, their challenge or their predicament in an inimitable way. This is a very creative process and we love doing it.

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